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Bulmacalar, Aktiviteler ve Ders Planları


Ace in the Hole

Balance Scale Polypads

Balance Scale Puzzle

Bee Genius

Binary Numbers with Playing Cards


Border Tiles Puzzle

Break the Code

Brick Walls and Fibonacci

Building Balance Scale Puzzle

Building Tangram Puzzles

Checkerboard Squares

Class Openers and Math Talks

Clock Angles

Colour Mixing Fraction Bars

Common Factors

Comparing Fractions Games

Complete the Fractal Puzzle

Completing the Square

Compound Probabilities

Cover Up

Create your own chance (Bingo)

Curry’s Paradox

Curry’s Paradox (Teacher Notes)

Decimal Multiplication

Divisibility by 9

Domino Frames

Don’t Break the Bank

Doubling the Cube

Drawing Lines with Pixels

Egyptian Fractions

End of Year Activities

Equality with Number Bars

Equivalent Fractions with Pattern Blocks

Exploring Percent with Double Number Lines

Exploring the Pythagorean Theorem

Exploring the Ratio of Surface Area to Volume in Cubes

Exponential Decay with Dice

Factoring Quadratics

Factoring Quadratics Practice

Finding Factors of Numbers in 3 Ways

Five Platonic Solids

Fix This Chart

Flipping 3 Coins


Fraction Addition

Fraction Bingo

Fraction Division

Fraction Inequalities

Fraction Multiplication

Fractions 1234 Game

Galton Board

Genius Square

Genius Star

Geometric Constructions - Basics

Geometric Constructions - Regular Polygons

Gold Coin

Halving and Doubling

Hanoi Tower

HEX Game


Hinged Dissection

How many chairs around the table?

How Many Dots?

How many Rectangles?

Infinite Sums of Fractions

Integer Addition using Algebra Tiles

Isometric Drawings: Part I

Isometric Drawings: Part II

Kite Squares

Land Area and Water Area in the USA

Logic Gates and Decision Trees

Logic Gates and Truth Tables

Magic Egg Tangram

Making Money

Mean of a Data Set

Measures of Central Tendency and Rolling Dice

Mondrian’s Rectangles

Multiplication by Heart

Multiplication by Heart Updates

Multiplication Table in Scale

Multiplying Probabilities

Nets of a Cube

Number Bar 1-100 Trays

Number Bars and Fibonacci

Number of Diagonals

Number Sequences

Open Box Problem

Operations with Fractions using Pattern Blocks

Optical Illusions With 3D Projections

Overlapping Hands of a Clock

Paths on a Grid

Pattern Blocks

Penrose Tilings and the Golden Ratio

Pentomino Perimeters

Pentomino Zoo

Perceptions of Likeliness

Pi in Squares and Other Shapes

Pick’s Theorem

Polypad Music: Getting Started

Polypad to Desmos Classroom Migration

Pool Table Problem

Puzzle of the Day

Puzzling Properties of Magic Square

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the United States: 2010 Census and 2020 Census

Remainder Riddles

Rhombic Dissection of Dodecagons


Save Twenty

Shapes Around a Vertex

Shut the Box

Simultaneous Equations

Sphinx Tilings


Spiral of Theodorus

Split the Hexagon

Square Areas on a Grid

String Art

Subtraction with Regrouping

Tangram Coordinates

Tangram Paradoxes

Taxicab Geometry - Circles and Ellipses

Taxicab Geometry Game

Ten Take-Away


Tetromino Equations

Tetromino Reptiles

The Rectangle Game

Timeline of Mathematics Scavenger Hunt

Trapezium Area

Triangle Inequality Theorem


Vaccine Efficacy

Visual Patterns

What Made Me a Mathematician

What Makes A Game Fair?

What Type of Chart is Best?