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How many chairs around the table?

Four chairs fit around one square table. When two tables are pushed together, it will seat six people. Find a pattern you can use to predict the number of people (chairs) that may be seated at any size table.

Here is a canvas you can work on:

Think about these questions:

  • Describe how you see the pattern growing. What stays the same, and what changes in the pattern?
    • You may draw pictures, recolor them or write an explanation to make your answer clear.
  • Can you draw pictures to extend the pattern?
    • How many chairs and tables would you need to build the fourth figure in the pattern?
  • What's the number of people you can sit with 9 tables?
  • How can you compute the number of chairs in any figure in the pattern?
    • Describe how the total number of chairs is related to the figure number (or term number). Try to express it algebraically.