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Polypad to Desmos Classroom Migration


In February of 2024, Polypad moved from to Desmos Classroom. Read below for more information about account migration, logging into Desmos Classroom, and more.

Logging into Desmos Classroom

All Mathigon accounts have been migrated for a smooth transition to Desmos Classroom. Users can access their saved Polypad library. Please read below for further details about account migration based on how you login into Mathigon.

Google Accounts

Desmos Classroom supports Google login. Users that use Google for logging in on Mathigon can select “Login with Google” on Desmos Classroom as well.

Email/Password Log In

Users who login to Mathigon with an email address and password will first need to create a new password. To do so, first click “Forgot Password” on the login page and then follow the prompts.

Microsoft Accounts, and Facebook Accounts

Desmos Classroom does not currently support Microsoft or Facebook login. However, users will be able to access their saved work. Users with either of these account types will first need to create a new password. To do so, first click “Forgot Password” on the login page and then follow the prompts.

Restricted Accounts for students

On Mathigon, students under the age of 13 were able to create “restricted accounts” with with verifiable parental consent from a parent or guardian, but that is not possible for Desmos. Therefore, to continue using our apps and not lose any data, we have converted the student’s restricted account to a new Desmos account that belongs to the parent or guardian.

Existing Mathigon Restricted Account:

Username: student12

Password: password12

Guardian email:

New Desmos Guardian Account:


Password: Needs to be reset when signing in for the first time

Please note that the new account belongs to the guardian, not the student, although the student can use the account with and under supervision of the guardian.

Mathigon Classes and Student Rosters

Classes created inside of Mathigon will NOT be migrated into Desmos Classroom. Teachers will need to recreate classes inside of Desmos Classroom. Most classes inside of Mathigon are made via Google Classroom and Desmos Classroom supports this as well. Therefore, recreating Google Classroom connected classes inside of Desmos Classroom is an easy process. Read more about all rostering options inside of Desmos Classroom here.

We have removed the “Class” tab from Polypad. Within Desmos Classroom, teachers can add Polypads to screens inside of Activity Builder which will allow teachers to use many of the facilitation tools in Activity Builder, including viewing students' work, pacing students to certain screens, pausing students, and more. These activities can be shared with students either via rostered classes or single-session share codes. Learn more here.


The migration will not impact our commitments around the collection, use and protection of personal information. For more information, please take a look at

Support Questions

For questions about account migration specifics, email

For questions about student accounts, rostering students, and making classes inside of Desmos Classroom, read this article. For live customer support, login into and click on the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner.