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Break the Code

Game Board

Break the Code – Polypad – Polypad


Group students in pairs and have them work on the same Polypad game board.

  • First, player 1 creates a four-digit code using the numbers 0-9 and hides code behind the red rectangle. Some options to consider:
    • You can limit the numbers (For example 1-6) according to the students' grade level.
    • You may decide whether the repetition is allowed or not and inform the students. You may want to increase the number of guesses allowed respectively.
  • Player 2, The Code Breaker, starts with a guess by dragging the number cards to the first row.
  • Player 1 evaluates the first guess by dragging the squares onto the numbers in the guess.
    • The red square indicates the guess is correct and also in the correct place.
    • The blue square indicates the guess is correct, but not in the correct place.
    • The purple square indicates an incorrect guess (Both the number and the place).
  • The Code Breaker has 6 guesses to break the code.

Sample game