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What happened to Mathigon?

Polypad used to be part of Both Mathigon and Desmos Classroom were acquired by Amplify, and we are in the process of merging and integrating all three products – to create an even better experience for all our users.

In February 2024, we moved Polypad to this new domain, and switched to sign in with Desmos rather than Mathigon accounts. Of course, everything is still free to use, and we didn’t delete any saved work or data.

All changed URLs will redirect, to make this experience as seamless as possible, but we apologise for any inconvenience. If you have difficulty signing in or finding your data, please contact us!

How much does Polypad cost?

Polypad is completely free to use for students, teachers and parents.

Do I need to create an account? What personal information do you collect?

Most content and features are available without creating an account, but you need to sign in to save or share your work. Visit our privacy policy to see what data we collect and how we use your personal information.

Can you sign a Student Data Privacy Agreement with my school or district?

Amplify has entered into Data Privacy Agreements (“DPAs”) with districts across the U.S. to facilitate compliance with applicable laws governing student data privacy. The DPAs are based on the Student Data Privacy Consortium’s (SDPC) model agreement. SDPC created the model agreement to streamline and simplify privacy contracting between providers and districts.

To expedite your district’s need for a DPA and speed up the contracting process, we have compiled DPAs with instructions on how they apply to your agreement in the State Law Compliance section here. If you do not see your state or territory listed, please contact

Do you have any tutorials or lesson plans for teachers?

Take a look at our getting started page which contains tutorial videos and links to other resources. We also have a library of more than 100 activities and lesson plans for Polypad, covering the entire mathematics curriculum.

Can multiple users work on the same Polypad canvas at the same time?

This is not currently possible, but are working on more collaboration features – including having multiple users edit the same Polypad simultaneously.

Can I use Polypad commercially?

You can only use Polypad for non-commercial purposes: this includes in schools or universities, for educational research, or embedding on personal blogs and websites. You can publish screenshots or videos taken from Polypad as long as you credit "Polypad by Amplify" and provide a link to

If you want to use Polypad for something else, please contact us to sign a commercial licensing agreement.