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Our mathematical playground is filled with unique tools that allow students to play and explore – and they’re completely free to use.

Congrats to all the winners of our 2024 Polypad Art and Music Contest!

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Fraction Bars
3D Polyhedra
Balance Scale
Function Machines
Dice, Coins, Spinners
Data Science
Number Cubes
Logic Gates

Uniquely powerful. Incredibly simple.

Effortless to integrate

Polypad is completely free, requires no login or installation, runs on all devices and browsers, and works with any curriculum.

Intuitive and beautiful

Beautiful visualisations and unparalleled interactivity make math meaningful – all with a simple and super intuitive interface.

Endlessly customisable

Polypad is the most comprehensive library of virtual manipulatives on the internet, but can be fully customised to match your specific needs.

Extensive professional development

Our library of webinars, video tutorials and lesson plans help you get started and discover new ideas. Like Polypad, everything is free!

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See and hear mathematics!

2022 Art Contest Submissions

Polypad contains beautiful visualisations of abstract mathematical ideas. But you can also listen to them, for an entirely new dimension to engage with mathematics.

What do polygons sound like? What rhythms do different fractions make? How can you compose music using equations?

Music is an amazing way to get a more students excited about mathematics – or to make visual representations of maths more widely accessible.