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Kite Squares

When four kites come together, they form a shape called "Kite Squares".

Different cultures have been using this particular shape as an element of their tilings. The kite squares are especially well known in art and architecture since they provide many different tiling designs. Here are a few examples;

Interior tiles of a Mosque at Isfahan

Create tilings by using “kite squares.” Try to come up as many different tilings as possible.


You can reflect, rotate, and translate the kite squares to create many different designs.

Kite-square Tilings

Let's explore the properties of these kites further. Use the protractor to measure its interior angles.

Label the sides of each kite as “a” and “b”, and express its area in terms of "a and b".

Kite squares have a smaller square hole inside. Find the area of the black square.

Kites can also create other regular polygons. Create as many regular kite-polygons as possible.

Here some regular kite-polygon examples.

Regular Kite-Polygons