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Create your own chance (Bingo)

Game Boards

For Players

Bingo – Polypad – Polypad

For the Caller

Bingo Caller – Polypad – Polypad


  1. Each player will have a Bingo Card of 10 different numbers. In the Polypad version, players will create their own Bingo cards by thinking about the sample space and the probabilities of each outcome. Check here to learn about sharing Polypads with students.

Give some time to students to think about the numbers they will include in their cards by prompting these questions

  • The smallest and largest numbers they can have.
  • The numbers that have a higher probability of being rolled.
  • The most likely outcome of the event of rolling two icosahedron dice.
  1. The Caller rolls two icosahedron (20-sided) dice gets the SUM to call out to the players by placing a marker on the number grid. Click here to learn more about using the Probability tools. The caller places a blue circle to cover the number played on the number grid.
  1. Look for the number on your card. If the number is on your card, Use pink cards to cover it. When all the numbers are covered on your card, call out BINGOOOOO to win.
  1. For an extra challenge, the caller can change the type (use two different dice) or the number of dice in every game by announcing the players and let them think about the new sample space and probabilities of each number to be played so that they can create a new Bingo card accordingly.


You can always change the type of dice according to the grade level of the students.

Here is a sample space for two icosahedron dice.