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End of Year Activities


As the school year comes to an end, below are some activities, tasks, and lessons that might help keep students engaged and active in math class. Visit to learn about creating classes, adding students, sharing Polypads, and more.

Timeline of Mathematics Scavenger Hunt

The Timeline of Mathematics at is a wonderful place to explore some of the greatest mathematicians and some of the biggest mathematical discoveries in history. In this scavenger hunt, students search the timeline for a variety of mathematicians and artifacts.

Timeline of Mathematics Scavenger Hunt – Polypad

Quick Games and Class Openers

Class Openers and Math Talks – Polypad

Polypad Puzzles

Genius Square

Genius Square – Polypad

Genius Star

Genius Star – Polypad

Puzzle of the Day

Puzzle of the Day – Polypad

Mondrian Rectangles

Mondrian’s Rectangles – Polypad

Polypad Tasks

Students Create Their Own Puzzles

In these tasks, students create their own puzzles for their classmates to solve.

Building Tangram Puzzles – Polypad
Building Balance Scale Puzzle – Polypad

Art Explorations

Engage students with a variety of explorations related to mathematics and art.

Tessellations – Polypad
Fractals – Polypad
Isometric Drawings: Part I – Polypad

Mathigon Activities

Play Factris! Create a fun competition to see who can get the highest score.


Solve some Tangram puzzles! See how many students can complete.

Tangram Builder – Polypad

Do your middle and high school students enjoy solving puzzles? Explore the Mathigon Puzzle Calendar.

Puzzle Calendars

Visit the Mathigon Activities Page to view more.

Share Your Own Ideas

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