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Fraction Bars

Fraction Bars

Interactive fraction bars are a wonderful tool to help students grow their understanding of fractions. This page includes an introduction to the fraction bars on Polypad, some ideas to use them with students, as well as additional resources.

What is a Fraction Bar?

A fraction bar is a rectangular manipulative that represents a whole or parts of a whole. A variety of options are available on Polypad for manipulating fraction bars.

Use the settings menu to access a variety of options for labelling fraction bars.

How to Use Fraction Bars

The Mathigon Lesson Plan page contains a number of activities and lesson plans for using fraction bars:

Additional Resources for Fraction Bars

Blank Fraction Bars

Fraction Wall Blank – Polypad – Polypad

Fraction Bar Chart

Fraction Wall – Polypad – Polypad

Learn More

There are a number of resources for learning more about using Polypad with students: